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Arizona Expungement Laws

There are a lot of things that follow us around in life. Our education degrees and job experiences become part of our working resume. Our family history and relatives will always be with us in some form or another. One item that you don't want following you around is an arrest record.

The result of a bad decision like driving while intoxicated or vandalizing some property can lead to an arrest. Even a silly Halloween prank gone wrong can land you in trouble. If you are arrested in Arizona for a minor offense, there is a good chance you can have your criminal record expunged. In Arizona this is called setting aside a judgment. If this is granted, then your arrest record will be effectively wiped out as if it never happened. That's how to make a fresh start.

Once your Arizona arrest record is expunged, you may be able to own a gun, vote and find it easier to apply for a job. As with everything in the law there are exceptions. You won't be able to get an expungement in Arizona if the crime you were involved in caused serious physical injury or a deadly weapon was used.

Additionally, your request for expungement will be automatically denied if your crime involved anything of a sexual nature or put a child under the age of 15 in harm's way. Also, if the crime you are seeking to expunge was a driving violation and you were driving with a suspended license, you won't get your expungement.

Obviously, if the matter you were arrested for is later dismissed or you were found not guilty, you will be able to obtain an expungement in Arizona a lot quicker. Even if you were found guilty of a criminal offense you can still petition for an expungement if you have completed your jail sentence, probation or any substance abuse programs ordered by the court. These programs could also include anger management courses. You also can have any additional criminal offenses for up to six years from the original offense.

Getting an expungement in Arizona means going before the court again. You will have to present all the appropriate documentation and proof of the completion of your sentence. To prepare yourself for an expungement hearing, you should be working with an experience Arizona attorney. They will be able to guide you through the paperwork and help you understand all your options. No one should face a judge alone; especially when their personal record is at stake.

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