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Expunging A Felony Charge

If you've been convicted of a felony, it may feel like you have an albatross around your neck that will follow you for the rest of your life. It's important to know that this does not have to be the case. Felony expungement, where you petition a judge to clear a felony record, is a real option in many cases.

Clearing your felony record will make a huge difference in your life. If you've been carrying around a felony conviction for awhile, you probably know the ways in which it makes many things people take for granted more difficult, things like getting a job, a loan, or a home. What you might not have known is how easy it is to make the obstacle to getting all those things go away.

Clearing Felony Records

Not everyone can clear his or her felony record, but if you've only got one felony, you shouldn't have to pay for the rest of your life for one mistake, especially if it was a misunderstanding. Expunging a felony charge works differently in every state, but there are certain factors which make it more or less likely that having your arrest record expunged will be possible. If you've only committed one felony, have waited a probationary period before applying, have not committed any crimes in the intervening time and did not commit a special offense like rape or child pornography, there is a good chance that you can get your criminal record expunged of your felony.

Who Qualifies for Expungement?

The qualifications for expungement vary from state to state, but usually require an intervening period of probation where no further crimes have been committed, a single or minimal number of offenses, a low level of severity to the offense and that the crime does not fit into certain special categories, such as rape, child pornography and other sex crimes and crimes against minors.

Expunging a Felony Charge

Expunging a felony charge mostly requires filling out a lot of paperwork which may be confusing. Hiring a lawyer to do it can be prohibitively expensive, but you shouldn't let cost get in the way of your freedom to live like an ordinary citizen. Head over to for the help you need. is not a law firm or legal service, but that's good, because that means it will be much less expensive for you to get rid of that felony and get on with your life.

How ClearUp My Record Can Help knows what it takes to clear criminal records and their business is to make it easy for you. Start with the eligibility check which will let you know almost instantly whether you are eligible for expungement of your felony. This process is completely free, so you don't have to worry about spending any money unless you qualify. If you do qualify, congratulations! If you decide to go through with the process of clearing your criminal record, will send you an application packet. That application packet will come with information on how to fill out the forms and where to send them in order to apply for criminal records expungement. Follow those instructions and you are on your way. In order to complete the expungement you may have to appear in court for a hearing, so be prepared for that eventuality.

Notes on Expungement will help you as much as they can, but there is never any guarantee that a record will be expunged. Ultimately it is the judge's decision, and it will be based on a number of factors. Also keep in mind that the rules of expungement and how the expungement is handled (sealed record, destroyed record, verdict set aside, etc.) will differ from state-to-state and may differ depending on the type of felony you are trying to clear.

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