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Arkansas Expungement Laws

Wouldn't it be nice to completely erase an arrest record and act as if that incident never actually occurred? In Arkansas you can achieve that if you are granted an expungement of your records. Expungement means to literally wipe out all existence of an arrest or charge against you. Like other states, Arkansas expungement laws allow for this to be granted in certain circumstances. When you are awarded an expungement you can state truthfully on a future job application that you do not have an arrest record. That can mean all the difference between getting the job or remaining unemployed.

If you are arrested for any crime in Arkansas, a record is generated and that record can be accessed by anyone conducting a search of your name. They don't even need your permission to do a background check. The only way to resolve an arrest charge is to stand before a judge or jury. You'll either be convicted of the charge, found innocent or have the charges dismissed or dropped. In the case where the charges are dropped or you are found innocent then you can proceed to petition the court to have your record expunged. This means all traces, court docket filings, petitions and any other record that has to do with your case will be removed from the court's criminal history database and sealed. No one in the public sector can obtain those records from that point on.

There are certain circumstances in Arkansas where a convicted person can still be granted an expungement of their records. If you were granted an official pardon by the Governor then you might be eligible for expungement. First time offenders also stand a good chance of having their records expunged if they have met all the obligations of the court. This applies to DUI cases when you have completely any community service or probation period. A minor who was convicted of a non-violent felony can apply for a record expungement. Obtaining this type of expungement is crucial for college applications. First time convicted felons can also apply for an expungement of their records if the crime was not a capitol crime involving violence or sexual assault or selling drugs to a minor.

The best approach to obtaining an expungement in Arkansas is to hire a qualified criminal defense attorney to work on your behalf. They will know all the proper procedures and applications to file. Don't let a past mishap stand in the way of your future.

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