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March 11, 2010

What is a Sealed Record?

What is a Sealed Record?

The most common usage of the term “sealed record” refers to the court’s act of concealing a criminal record from public view. In the majority of cases the court, arresting agency, and any other government entity will erase the files from public record while maintaining them in a private database that is available only to them for specific access. This restricts anyone other than government officials (courts, arresting agencies, etc.) from having access to the files but retains the information as it is necessary in subsequent arrests, government employment, and licensing applications.

Criminal record sealing is typically more common than complete expungement due to the fact that the information still holds importance with the state. Since the information is not completely destroyed in most cases, the eligibility requirements are often less strict. (Determine your expungement or sealing eligibility)
Record sealing is an especially valuable practice as it allows people with a criminal background a second chance which reduces recidivism and increases the numbers of employed taxpayers.

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