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Expungment, Expungement, or Expunction?


The terminology concerning clearing your criminal record often creates some confusion. Many people struggle trying to learn the differences between the terms as most states have varying definitions and in turn, each of them may have a different effect. In one state expungement may call to completely destroy the record and all related materials, while it may only conceal it from the public eye in the next. Likewise, the sealing of a record may always allow government officials access while elsewhere it will be destroyed after a certain time period has expired. Then to make matters more complicated, there are terms that have different spellings that are synonymous. One of the most commonly misspelled and misunderstood terms is Expungement. Expungement is often incorrectly spelled expungment and exspongement, however in some states expunction is actually a correct spelling. In Texas for example, receiving an expunction would yield the same results as having an expungement granted in Illinois. See the resources below to view a glossary of terms like this or to check your criminal record expungement eligibility

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The terminology concerning clearing your criminal record often...