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Kentucky Expungement Laws

We all like to have a good time. As with everything in life, when done in moderation there isn't anything wrong with having fun. A couple of beers after a hard work week is the perfect way to unwind. Yet, on the way home those couple of beers could get you into some serious trouble if you are stopped by a police officer for driving under the influence or public intoxication. If nobody was harmed and you're just outside your front door the officer might let you off with a warning. The truth is they are well within their rights to have you arrested. You could end up sleeping it off in jail over night and never see a courtroom.

Unfortunately for you, this will still mean you now have an arrest record. Once you are taken into custody, paperwork is generated and you simply can't walk that back. There is a remedy in Kentucky and that would be to have a court order expungement of your arrest records. In simple terms, a record expungement means that all the documents pertaining to your arrest and any involvement with the courts are going to be wiped out. They can't be accessed through a public background check. It will be like the arrest never happened. This is easy to accomplish in Kentucky if the initial charges against you were dropped or you were later found innocent. An expungement allows for any fingerprints, arresting mug shots, reports or transcripts to be wiped out. No one will have to know you were ever in trouble.

However, not everyone who is arrested will be granted an expungement. If you were arrested for a sex offense, a crime involving a child or you have a history of felony charges then the chances are that your expungement request will be denied. On the other hand, if you were arrested for a minor charge and have managed to stay out of trouble for at least five years the Kentucky courts will be more open to granting an expungement.

To obtain an expungement in Kentucky means filing the appropriate forms within the right court jurisdiction. An experienced Kentucky attorney can help you make sense of these documents and the filing process. They will also have relationships with the court clerks and be able to easily follow up with the request application. As the saying goes, "a person who represents themselves before the court has a fool for a client." Don't be a fool. Get help and get your record clear.

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