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Minnesota expungement laws

You can't escape watching any legal drama on television or the movies without seeing a person get arrested. They are finger printed, their mug shot is taken and their criminal file begins to grow. This process happens whether you are innocent or guilty. As you work your way through the legal system, that criminal record will continue to grow and spread. The DMV will be notified of your arrest. It will show up in back ground checks and applications for loans and even renting an apartment. If you have a record like that, wouldn't you want to get rid of that? You can in Minnesota if you apply for and are granted an expungement. Getting your arrest records expunged in Minnesota means the clerk of the court will remove all traces of your arrest from public viewing. You'll have a complete fresh start.

In Minnesota you can get an expungement if you were arrested as a juvenile, but your case didn't go forward or you were transferred to an adult correctional facility. This applies to juveniles who have been deemed petty offenders. As an adult, if the charge you were arrested for is ultimately dismissed or you are found to be innocent of those charges then you have a quick route to an expungement. Even if you were convicted of certain lesser crimes or pleaded guilty, you can still apply to have your records expungement provided that you have met all the court restrictions.

A road block to expungement will be put up if you are a repeat offender, if the crime involved a sexual offense or you are obligated under court order to register as a sex offender. Also, if you were convicted of murder you won't be able to get your criminal record expunged. Finally, if you have a court order of protection entered against you, your expungement won't be granted.

In order to be granted an expungement you will need to fill out all the appropriate paperwork. This includes the information application stating all your aliases and addressed. You will also have to detail the original arrest and have the proper documentation needed to prove the matter was resolved. If you are working to clear up your record after a conviction, then you have to prove you serve your sentence or any other court order probation. That's a lot of paperwork to sort through. You will be in a stronger position when you are working with a qualified Minnesota lawyer who understands the state's expungement laws. This is one application you need to get right.

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