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Nevada criminal record expungement

The state of Nevada has one of the best criminal record sealing (expungement) laws in the country. After waiting periods are met, most criminal records can be sealed (see waiting periods below). Criminal record sealing in Nevada typically takes about 4 to 6 months. Most attorney charge around $750 to seal a criminal record. Our online eligibility test can quickly tell you if you are eligible to seal your record.

These waiting periods start from the time of completing the sentence. A person must not have any convictions during these waiting periods:

  • Category A or B Felony: 15 years
  • Category C or D Felony: 12 years
  • Category E Felony: 7 years
  • Gross Misdemeanor: 5 years
  • Misdemeanor: 2 years
  • Misdemeanor DUI: 7 years
  • Misdemeanor Domestic Violence: 7 years
  • Arrest without a conviction after dismissal or acquittal: no waiting period

In the state of Nevada, there are many different criteria that one must be aware of before petitioning for expungement. There are different criteria depending on if the person was acquitted or if a person was convicted. If you were convicted of a crime by the courts, the state of Nevada has assigned waiting periods that depend on the harshness of the crime. If you have been convicted of a minor misdemeanor you will only have to wait two years after the conviction to petition for expungement. Some of the most serious felonies can have up to a 15-year waiting period before the records can be expunged. Certain felonious crimes have reinstatement programs that decrease the waiting time for expungement down to five years from the date of the program's completion. The process of sealing the records is also the same no matter what crime was committed.

You must first determine if you are eligible to have your record expunged. If you had your case dismissed or were acquitted, you can petition the state of Nevada at anytime to have your records expunged. If you were convicted, you must refer to the Nevada State Code chapter 179.245 to find out the category of the conviction and the successive waiting period.

If would be a good idea to contact the Central Repository for Nevada Records of Criminal History to obtain the most current copy of your criminal history. You should do this just to make sure that everything on your record is correct and that there is no pending litigation against you.

You need to contact the court in the city or county where you were arrested or where you were convicted and ask for the proper petition forms to help get your record expunged, and the exact documents that are relevant to your arrest and/or conviction.

Make sure that you contact anyone such as a company or any official agency who might have records of the arrest or conviction, so that you can find out where to send the order to seal records.

Fill out any required forms and turn in the petition forms, in addition to your current criminal history, the records you received from the court that presided over your case, and the list of probable entities with possession of the conviction.

All you have to do now is wait for the court's decision and the notice of the judgment passed concerning the petition. Every county has a different waiting period, so just be patient.

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