Clearing Criminal Records Nationwide.

Notice of Intent for Record Relief


Need help with potential employers or landlords immediately?

A signed letter can be emailed to you and printed, informing current or potential employers or landlords of your intent to clear your criminal record.

This notice serves as documentation that the legal process to clear your record has been initiated on your behalf and is actively in progress.

Many employers and landlords accept this letter as proof that your record is eligible to be cleared and soon will be, which creates employment and housing opportunities much sooner than absolute court approval.

Enroll Now is the ONLY organization to offer this service!

Free Elligibility Check

Our free eligibility check is your first step toward clearing your record.

Top 10 Reasons

  • 1. Employment
  • 2. Education
  • 3. Housing
  • 4. Loans
  • 5. Licensing
  • 6. Insurance
  • 7. Firearm Rights
  • 8. Federal Assistance
  • 9. Adoption
  • 10. Volunteering

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