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Ohio record expungement

In Ohio, when you have your record expunged, it is the same thing as sealing a record. Expunging your record will let you to have all of the references to the conviction cleared, in addition to your court file being sealed. All databases will remove your conviction.. Some violent offenses cannot be removed from your record.

You are eligible to have your record expunged providing you were not subject to a mandatory prison term for the offense. Also, this must be your first and your only conviction. You must have been convicted of a misdemeanor more than one year has passed since your final discharge, or three years for a felony. You must have no other pending charges and no other expungments.

Once you know that you are eligible to have your record expunged, you need to obtain a copy of the final order of the conviction you wish to have sealed. Go to the Clerk of Courts criminal division and ask for a certified copy of the ""Judgment Order"" of your Conviction. You must have your case number. For a few dollars the clerk will give you a certified copy.

You need to fill out two forms which are the Application for Sealing of a Criminal Record Pursuant to ORC 2953.32_ and "Judgment Entry for Sealing." It is a $50 fee to have your records sealed which you must pay. Once the two forms are filled out correctly, attach the ""Judgment Order of Conviction"" to the ""Application for Sealing of a Criminal Record"". Make sure you have made at least three copies of everything. Take the three copies along with your original ""Application for Sealing of a Criminal Record"" and the $50 fee to the Clerk of Courts in the county which you were tried and convicted. File the documents with the clerk. The clerk will take the three copies, stamp them, and give one back you. Once this is done, you will get a notice in the mail giving you your court date.

It is a good idea you prepare for the hearing since must convince the judge that you are contrite and not likely to re-offend. You also need to tell the judge that you want to have your criminal record sealed, put in plain words the charges you hope to erase from your record, and show that the right amount of time has passed. The prosecutor will be given the chance to object if they choose to do so. The Judge may give a verdict in court or decide at a later date. Usually the verdict will be given that day, and if the person wishing to expunge their record has fulfilled the criteria it is most likely the records will become sealed.

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