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Tennessee record expungement

It is possible to get your record expunged if you have a criminal record in Tennessee. It doesn't matter if you have a felony or a misdemenor, you still have an opportunity to get the records expunged. It still can be difficult to get this done in Tennessee.

A number of situations are eligible for expungement in Tennessee. Any charges brought against you that have been thrown out or dismissed can be expunged in Tennessee. An attorney that deals with exxpungement will do a records search for you and see the number of the charges that have been dismissed, the related case numbers, and the full and accurate name on the charges. Once all of this is done, an expungment lawyer can do the necessary things required and submit it to the clerk to the jurisdiction where you were charged. This will be then sent to the district attorney to see whether they oppose your expungement or not.

You have the opportunity to get your record expunged if you entered into a pre-trial or post-trial diversion agreement. Only when you complete the requirements of the diversion you can proceed to get your record expunged. Unlike expungement for a dismissal, you will have to pay a court fee to get your charge expunged once you complete diversion. Criminal charges and convictions have the chance to affect you in the future if they are not fully expunged. It is very important that you have an expungement attorney who does a complete criminal record search to make sure everything you have been charged and convicted of can be expunged. A good expungement lawyer will do a detailed criminal record search with your date of birth and full name to make sure that all potential criminal records are expunged. Make sure you don't get a partial expungement.

Getting an expungement in Tennessee can take a while, and may take months. It all depends on the county where you were charged in. This makes it even more important to keep an attorney that knows the criminal system well and that they ensure that your expungement is handled the right way. It is imperative to make sure your record is completely expunged prior to seeking a new job or apply to college. It doesn't matter if it is a shoplifting expungment or a felony conviction you are trying to erase, the procedure is the same. A well-informed criminal lawyer that knows a lot about the expungement process in the state of Tennessee is surely your best bet.

It may be hard, but getting an expungement in Tennessee can be done with a good attorney and a dedicated effort.

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