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Wisconsin record expungement

Wisconsin Statutes 938.355(4m) allow court records to be expunged automatically as a matter of law only if you are a juvenile, if the juvenile is a first-offender and has adequately complied with the circumstances of his or her dispositional order. An expungement under Wisconsin Statutes 973.015 is flexible with the court unless it is a case involving a first time offense by a juvenile or an offense by a person under 18 relating to the "peeping Tom" laws. Persons concluding probation and not convicted of any later offenses have the chance to get their records expunged as a matter of law. Others eligible for expungement under the statute must have adequately complied with the conditions of his or her dispositional order are subject to the judgment of the court in determining that the juvenile will benefit and that the people of Wisconsin will not be harmed by the expungement.

Wisconsin Statutes 973.015 allows for expungements of juvenile misdemeanor convictions. The person must have been under the age of 21 at the time of the arrest for which the person has been found guilty in a court for violation of a law for which the maximum penalty is one year or less in jail. The court must determine that the juvenile has adequately complied with the conditions of his or her sentence and that the juvenile will benefit and society will not be harmed by the expunction.

You must check the type of criminal conviction you have. Wisconsin Statutes 973.015 also allows for expungements when an individual has successfully completed the sentence if the person has not been arrested for anything else, and if the person was on probation, the probation has not been revoked and the probationer has fulfilled the conditions of probation. You have to also give a completed form DJ-LE-250B, Fingerprint Record Removal Request. You have to write down your contact information, the police agency who arrested you, all your arrest charges, and the disposition of each of the charges on the sheet.

Any record of conviction that the court has ordered to be expunged is not allowed be removed from the Wisconsin criminal history repository because the if you are convicted, this disqualifies that arrest for removal. Conviction of any kind of offense reported on an arrest fingerprint card does not allow taking away of other offenses reported on that arrest card. As required by law, return or deletion of the fingerprint card, simply in those circumstances where any and all offenses on a fingerprint card resulted in no conviction can the fingerprint card be returned or deleted from your record.

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